The Cleaning Lady 2022 Tv Series Review – New Drama on FOX

The Cleaning Lady 2022 Tv Series Review – New Drama on FOX

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The Cleaning Lady (Fox, 9 p.m., series premiere): Marvel’s Daredevil and The Defenders’ very own Elektra Natchios a.k.a. Élodie Yung leads Fox’s soapy new drama, which is based on Argentina’s La Chica Que Limpia. She plays Cambodian doctor Thony De La Rosa, whose son gets diagnosed with a life-threatening immunodeficiency disorder. Thony leaves her husband behind and comes to the United States seeking treatment for her son, but when the donor backs out and her visa expires, Thony is trapped in Las Vegas and forced to work as a maid alongside her sister-in-law, Fiona (Martha Millan). Except she’s not just a regular cleaning lady—she’s recruited to clean up the crime scenes of mobster Arman Morales (Adan Canto). Thony begins to lead a double life—yes, it gets even more complicated—when she tries to evade the law once cops come into the picture. Oliver Hudson and Liza Weil also star.

The drama kicks into hyper drive when de La Rosa becomes an undocumented worker so she can stay in the states and secure her son’s surgery. She’ll do anything for her child and so, she becomes a cleaning lady who quite by accident winds up working for a crime syndicate. Of course, being a doctor, she is quite familiar with how to deal with indelicate cleanups.

The show hits lots of demographics, but for Martha Millan, who portrays De la Rosa’s sister-in-law Fiona, the casting of Southeast Asian leads and the show’s overall diversity is to be applauded.

“Fox is actually putting a Southeast Asian woman at the forefront as a lead and then on top of that, the diversity that it represents is groundbreaking,” says Millan, who has also been seen in ‘the O.A.’ and ‘Succession.’ “Adan Canto is Mexican, I’m Filipino, Elodie is French Cambodian. All the writers, the creators, they are representative of what the world is.”

The showrunners already changed the story by taking it from its native Argentine roots and making it an American show, and then by casting Villan and others. It’s representation that comes swift on the heels of a year where Stop Asian Hate, unfortunately, had to become a hashtag. Because of this, Millan, who lives in New York City, lauds the diversity even more. Her character is complex and so are the others.

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