The Chosen One 2023 series review

Get ready for an in-depth rundown on “The Chosen One,” the exhilarating Netflix adaptation of a comic book series. This fantastical journey is set to premiere on August 16, 2023, and promises a captivating storyline.

The narrative revolves around Jodie, a twelve-year-old residing in Baja California, who unexpectedly uncovers his extraordinary magical capabilities. Channeling Jesus-like powers, he can perform miraculous feats like turning water into wine, enabling the crippled to walk, and possibly even raising the dead. While the Evangelical and YaquĆ­ leaders endeavor to persuade Jodie to use his powers for the betterment of humanity, his primary concern revolves around impressing his crush and confronting his tormentors. However, the crux of the story emerges as Jodie grapples with his destiny and embarks on a journey to fathom the truth about his identity.

Anticipation for the series runs high due to its distinctive and innovative plotline. Another factor fueling excitement is its foundation in Mark Millar’s “American Jesus” comic book series. This adaptation commences with the inaugural volume, “Chosen,” sparking eagerness among fans to witness its transformation onto the screen.

Although an official trailer for the show remains under wraps, Netflix has treated enthusiasts to a behind-the-scenes sneak peek. The introductory video introduces the accomplished ensemble of cast and crew involved in the series. Additionally, viewers catch a glimpse of Max Miller, the creative mind behind the original narrative.

Miller explains the core of “American Jesus”:

“The story of ‘American Jesus’ is simple. It’s like if a twelve-year-old boy found out that he’s actually the returned Jesus. It’s about a mother who flees with her son due to imminent danger. This boy, Jodie, discovers that he’s part of the Book of Revelation. It’s quite apocalyptic.”

He goes on to discuss how Netflix has breathed life into the storyline of “The Chosen One”:

“They’ve found the most breathtaking location in Mexico. It’s almost surreal, like something out of CGI, but it’s authentic and incredibly beautiful. The visual aesthetics of the series are intriguing, as it departs from the typical CGI cityscapes seen in comic book adaptations. This is realism.”

Miller’s enthusiastic endorsement adds to the fervor surrounding “The Chosen One,” making it an eagerly awaited and exhilarating prospect for the audience. In addition to the behind-the-scenes preview, Netflix unveiled an official poster for the series on May 18, 2023, via Twitter. This unveiling contributes to the mounting excitement and fervor surrounding the impending show.


By acinetv