(Tear along the edges) Strappare lungo i bordi 2021 Tv Series Review

(Tear along the edges) Strappare lungo i bordi 2021 Tv Series Review


The next November 17 finally arrives on Netflix Tear Along the edges , designed the animated series, written and directed by Zerocalcare. It will be a good moment, because after having seen the first two episodes in preview, with a second vision once in possession of the whole complete series, it is difficult for me to point out a defect in the work done by the Roman cartoonist and by all the production that has it. sustained.

Let’s say that the only regret lies in the “only” ninety minutes divided into six episodes, a regret that is clearly the result of a selfishness that would like to be able to listen to the brilliant speech of Zerocalcare indefinitely and who pretends to be blind in front of the mass of work that requires such a product, especially if in the hands of a single person for most of the productive effort.

In a nutshell: what is Rip Along Edges ? It’s a story, a story told by a friend you haven’t seen for a long time and who needs to update you on what happened . A talkative friend, with so many questions and even more doubts in his head, with the habit of telling a story starting from afar, and who along the way deviates, gets lost, finds himself, hesitates, goes back …

If this friend is Zerocalcare, herald of metaphors as hyperbolic as they are brilliant, then treacherously capable of firing certain cannon shots that if they catch you leave you there, impaled to wonder who gave him the right to hit the target with such precision, then describe Snatch Paradoxically, along the edges it becomes easier: it’s a beautiful thing, very beautiful.

Those familiar with the style of Zerocalcare (aka Michele Rech) will find in the animated series exactly what they expect but to the nth degree, curated beyond all expectations. He will find that his comedy, constantly wooing the saying “laugh not to cry”, works great even on the go. Indeed, I would say that it works even more, were it not that in this way I would be afraid of offending the artistic origins linked to the comic strips. Much of this success is due to the fact that Tear Along the Edges is a creature so tight to Zerocalcare’s chest that he himself lends his voice to his character., confirming the fact that that slender, two-dimensional figure with a skull on the shirt, is actually absolutely three-dimensional in its essence. A simulacrum of something that does exist.

What is said in Strappare Lungo i Bordi , an extension of the main themes of Zerocalcare’s production, albeit limited to his experiences, his way of seeing reality, is a litmus test of the feelings of many. It is all too easy to identify with his ruminations, his paranoia and his crazy beliefs that hide, behind the desire to outline everything in black or white, the fact that the nuances in the middle are difficult and complex to understand, to support, to accept. . In the end, albeit in the small of an individual vision (however shareable) he speaks of a generation that, probably, history will recognize as, if not burned, at least mistreated.

The strength, the attractiveness of all of this, is that it is done through laughter and the ability to be the most severe judges of oneself. Zerocalcare rarely gives itself discounts, and if it does then ends up questioning them (or getting pizzas in the face, by its own admission) . Thus, Strappare Lungo i Bordi , is a story, even short for what it means, but which as it progresses ends up calling into question larger, more important and, above all, common themes.

I conclude by saying that, considering all the work done by Zerocalcare to date (comics, strips, shorts), Strappare Lungo i Bordi contains the joke that made me laugh the most about his repertoire. A joke, among other things, that on paper it would hardly have worked, demonstrating that the work done for Netflix is ​​taken care of not only in writing, but also in the use of the additional tools obtained in the transition from comic to cartoon: sound, movement, comic timing control.

As far as I am concerned, Strappare Lungo i Bordi is something perfectly successful, in which it is difficult to find actual defects (having said that the series does nothing different to please Zerocalcare to those who do not like Zerocalcare) and that, at the price of being trivial with the usual clichés, offers something greater than the sum of its parts. If there is something that may not please you is its brevity, but this is because I am a cursed assumption, insensitive to the labors of the Rebibbia hermit.

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