Sweet tooth review – The nothing in between show

Sweet tooth review – The nothing in between show

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Creators: Jim Mickle, Beth Schwartz
Stars: Nonso Anozie, Christian Convery, Stefania LaVie Owen

We call it a nothing in between show because either you will think it’s genius or you’ll find it atrocious. But if you have an open mind, more chances are that you’ll find it amazing. Take a bucket of popcorn and a drink and will find the whole experience very entertaining.

The audience of the show can really relate to it because the concept of a world ending with the virus is not new to us. However, after a certain point, we can predict what will happen next.

The story

Sweet tooth consists of a story that resembles the great crumpled. A mysterious virus has taken over the world and it has put a question on humanity. The rules, laws have gone down the gutter and everything he is into chaos.

Humans have started to be born as animal hybrids. Yes, that’s the shock we also experienced. Dr. Aditya Singh along with the hospital nurse finds feathery and free filters over newborns. 

The title of the show was a bit confusing for us too. It is taken from a child who grows up learning to fish and tapping maple trees for syrup. He has the ears of a deer. A lot of hybrids also are inclined towards killing the other human hybrids.

Dr. Aditya Singh is keeping his wife alive by giving her a special ceremony that was made in his research laboratory. 

The Cast

The primary character Christian Convery has done really well as the sweet tooth. The puppeteer Frank Oz has controlled the trilogy really well just like in the original Star Wars. Other support characters, Will Forte, Daniel Ramirez have also stood out as father and mother of the sweet tooth respectively.

Our Take

By the end of the series, you will find minor concerns but nothing as a deal breaker. You can expect more seasons and for someone who finds the show a hit, those are worth waiting for.

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