Summer Heat(Temporada de Verão) 2022 Tv Series : Ex-Elite swaps scenes for captivating character

Summer Heat(Temporada de Verão) 2022 Tv Series : Ex-Elite swaps scenes for captivating character

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One of Netflix’s most anticipated national productions of 2022, Summer Season premieres on the platform this Friday (21) with an international crossover. Interpreter of Valerio in two seasons of Elite , Chilean actor Jorge López.

In Summer Season, the star is Diego, a young aspiring lifeguard who keeps a terrible secret from his past, responsible for dictating his future and causing some trauma.

The difference between the languages ​​hardly interferes with the development of the character and the chemistry of López with his co-stars. Due to his background, Diego turns out to be more quiet and introverted, but his sweet and and friendly way makes him one of the great successes of the production.

Speaking of successes, the biggest merit of Summer Season is in the strength of its characters. Unlike many attractions available on Netflix, the national series is not based on fanciful narratives such as murders and mysteries, but on the development of its main pillars.

The plot takes place in the fictional Hotel Maresias, located on the paradisiacal Ilha das Flores, in Santa Catarina. The main name of the cast, Giovanna Lancellotti stars in the story as Catarina, a rich girl who sees her world turn upside down when, on the same night, her mother is arrested, her fortune is blocked by Justice and her fiancé betrays her with an employee of the place. Forced to reorganize her life for the first time without the help of her mother or a large bank account, Catarina gains the opportunity to stay at Maresias as part of the hotel’s team, which employs young people in search of dreams and new experiences.

Although the first episode moves quickly and shuffles several different themes to introduce each of the characters, the full season of the attraction manages to find the tone and give space for each of its protagonists to shine.
The team of employees is formed by Yasmin (Gabz), Miguel (André Luiz Frambach), Helena (Giovanna Rispoli), Conrado (Maicon Rodrigues) and Marília (Cynthia Senek). Each one in their own way, the young people begin to develop their characteristics and deal with internal conflicts.

Brave and outspoken, Yasmin arrives at the hotel hiding a big secret. Being of humble origins, she doesn’t get along with Catarina, but that doesn’t stop her from forming a family with the other employees. Miguel, on the other hand, is a native of the island and suffers prejudice from the hotel’s majority partner.

One of the main highlights of the series is Conrado, perhaps one of the most developed characters of the first season. He accepts a job at Maresias to get out of his parents’ restraints, but it’s there that he discovers himself as a person and lets a side of him he’s never seen before emerge. Little by little, the inhabitants of Hotel Maresias show new facets that spice up the narrative and make it even more engaging.Simply put, Summer Season proves that Netflix is ​​capable of making a captivating teen production without having to appeal to s3x, nudity or a mystery to be unraveled.

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