sonic prime 2022 tv series review

Sonic Prime season one throws Sonic and friends directly into the multiverse. It’s a fast paced and wild ride that offers fans new versions of their favorite characters.

A key piece of cinema recently has been the multiverse thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and now Sonic the Hedgehog fans have their own multiverse to explore. Netflix’s new series, which arrives on the platform December 15th with eight action packed episodes, throws the blue blur into a multiverse, where he goes on a wild ride right alongside fans.

This series is a very binge-able eight episodes, each of which are less than thirty minutes (around the 20 minute mark) except for the first, which is double length. This includes the credits, which allows the whole series to clock in right around three hours.

While you can certainly spread your viewing out, we recommend sitting down and binge-watching all episodes back to back as they play out like a movie, each one picking up exactly where the last left off.

The Sonic Multiverse
When the shard that holds everything together is broken, Sonic the Hedgehog (voice of Deven Christian Mack) is sent to different universes where he meets different versions of his friends (and enemies) including Amy Rose (voice of Shannon Chan-Kent), Miles “Tails” Prower (voice of Ashleigh Ball), Knuckles the Echidna (voice of Adam Nurada), Big the Cat (voice of Iam Hanlin), and of course, Dr. Eggman (voice of Brian Drummond).

In each universe he must find the piece of the shard that is messing with the timeline, so that Tails can hopefully put them back together and fix everything.

Over the course of Sonic Prime season one the friends become pirates, forest natives, and even machines. Sonic is the one constant throughout, which honestly feels like a missed opportunity. His sneakers and gloves change depending on which universe he is in, but that is it.

Still, he is the main character traveling through the worlds in order to try to put everything back together, so we can see why this creative decision was made.

Fast Paced, Emotional, & Packed With Action
He spends no more than two episodes in each of the worlds, which helps move things along pacing wise, and is much appreciated. The story itself gets a bit emotional as he starts to miss his friends from the “prime” universe.

Each time he meets Amy, Tails, Knuckles, etc. in a world, he must reintroduce himself. He is often thrown into a problem they are having, which he needs to solve using things his friends in his universe taught him, while he also looks for the shard piece in each universe. Sonic finds himself in a knock down drag out fight pretty much every episode, which makes them fly by.

Surprisingly, the story being told is an emotional one. Yes, the action which occurs in each of the lands is fast paced and a lot of fun, but there is always an element that tugs at the heartstrings. Sonic Prime is something that all Sonic the Hedgehog fans will enjoy, no matter their age.

Ending On A Cliffhanger
While the series is a whole lot of fun to watch, and easy to binge, as things near an end in the final episode, fans might get upset. Probably the biggest issue with Sonic Prime Season One is the way that it wraps up – or rather, doesn’t wrap up.

Things are left wide open for a season two, which is great, and we all certainly hope we get one. But the ending is such a cliffhanger that it feels as though there is no resolution whatsoever. Many fans will be looking to see if they somehow missed a ninth episode, but alas, the season only has eight.

Of course this will likely cause fans to hit play on Sonic Prime Season Two the second it drops on Netflix, so from a marketing standpoint it is a brilliant decision.

Overall Thoughts
Netflix’s Sonic Prime season one moves just about as quickly as the blue blur himself. It is high stakes, high octane action, and absolutely filled with Easter Eggs from the popular franchise. Longtime Sonic fans are sure to be thrilled with what they get out of the series, even with the abrupt ending.

All eight episodes of the season hit Netflix on December 15th, just in time to end the year off right!


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