Solos Review 2021- an Amazon Prime Sci-fi Anthology

Solos Review 2021- an Amazon Prime Sci-fi Anthology

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If Solos had a tagline, it would be like “Human experience connects all of us no matter how isolated we are.” The seven well-known actors, namely, Anthony Mackie, Helen Mirren, Nicole Beharie, Uzo Aduba, Constance Wu, Morgan Freeman, Dan Stevens, go on a chilling ride for the uncertain future. They recognize the very gist of the show in a monologue way.

Seven different characters, seven different stories and most of them consist of the above concept. One of the seven anecdotes take you into the black box theatre. The stars have done a compelling performance, the stories revolve around them. Created by David Weil, the show is a mixed bag.

The Monologue Concept (The gist)

One top actor has a story revolving around it in a bid to explore various definitions of humanity.

The curtains open with Anne Hathaway And Morgan Freeman bringing our attention to the concept of travelling into the future and whether or not it helps you escape your past.

The episodes are of moderate duration that is from 20 to 30 minutes. It feels like the episodes were carved out from large features, and not from self-contained short films. With a bit of an unexplored touch, The show doesn’t comprise a full thematic through line.

The characters seem to be bringing intelligence and empathy to interpret denied and isolated people as they failed to feel complete within themselves. The stories have a futuristic quality with the tech heavy Concept that covers almost the entire 21st century. The experiences are not necessarily related to the ongoing pandemic although all of them have been shot in claustrophobic spaces.

The Cast

Now, as mentioned above, the characters have been played really well by reputable celebrities. Some of the episodes have been directed by Sam Taylor Johnson, Tiffany Johnson, Zac Braff. The actors were chosen so that they can convey a full range of emotion. The other actors didn’t have to weigh in much to get the best out of them.

The Bottom Line

Although we have a new sci-fi anthology series with an array of shining stars and celebrities, we weren’t able to pick the memorable stories out of it. We won’t categorise it as boring as it attracted a lot of spark and curiosity. The genre demands captivation with visual flair and we were able to find it.

However, there is one problem we found with Solos. The acting was awesome, however, I didn’t bring out the best real stories but only the acting exercises. There were very rare moments when the performance had a new breed in it. Mostly it was Monologuing and emoting.

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