Seal Team 2021 TV Series Review – Season 5

Seal Team 2021 TV Series Review – Season 5

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Jason is on a dark path, and it’s going to be difficult to help him see the light.

SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 10 was another outstanding installment of this Paramount+ original series, proving once again that the show is more comfortable than ever.

If you watch SEAL Team online, you know there’s been a slow build-up to the argument between Jason and Clay that ended the episode, but it didn’t make it any more heartbreaking.

These two men have this mutual respect for one another, but Clay is going what he thinks is best for the team, while Jason continually ignores the red flags to get help.

Clay accompanying the team on the mission was massive because you have to consider what he is leaving back home.

Putting himself in the line of fire and being away from his sick baby for potentially months is tough, but he knew he had to make this move to make sure Jason didn’t compromise the team.

Jason continued down that slippery slope throughout “Head On” by ignoring the signs and pushing people away.

Clay doesn’t want it to look like he’s turning on his friend and mentor, but he really does need to report Jason to Eric or someone else at command. Even if he writes a note to conceal his identity, Jason should not be in the field while he’s in this condition.

Denial is a tricky thing, but we’re talking about a whole team that could be put in danger by his actions, and if it comes out that Clay had concerns and didn’t report it, he stands to lose more than Jason.

Jason felt like it was a coup, and quite frankly, I’m not surprised. He refuses to listen to anyone to give this message that he’s in control and his word is golden.

Pushing Clay was violent, and it confused Clay more than ever. He’s damned if he doesn’t report Jason and damned if he does.

Any way you look at it, Jason will be hurt, but then again, the entire team could be harmed by Jason’s negligence.

Hopefully, Jason will tell command about what’s happening because he really needs some time off to get more tests.

He pushed his daughter away, Mandy away, and now his closest ally. Where will it end? What will be the tipping point for him to realize he needs help?

I’m glad Stella and the baby are okay. I didn’t expect another time jump. Seriously, does this show ever stop for a beat nowadays?

There are constant time jumps, and when you consider the nature of the job for our lead characters, it’s not that surprising.

It would be nice not to move around in time for a bit to appreciate what is going on for these characters.

Stella knew she couldn’t tell Clay what to choose in terms of the mission because if his team members got injured due to Jason, he wouldn’t forgive himself.

Stella and Clay are probably one of the healthiest couples on TV. It’s rare for relationships not to be filled with drama, but they genuinely are couple goals.

Ray and Naima’s relationship is the same, and it was a decisive moment for Ray to learn that he is no longer being investigated.

Couldn’t command have told him sooner that no one from his team ratted him out? He’s spent months looking over his shoulder, theorizing about who turned on him, and it was emotionally taxing.

Sonny and Hannah’s relationship breakdown was not a surprise. They were pretty much playing make-believe in the name of raising their daughter in a home with two parents.

It was a nice sentiment for sure, but there was a lack of chemistry between them. They tried to make it work, but it really wasn’t worth giving up her life in Texas for Hannah.

Sonny wasn’t even telling her everything, either, making it seem like there was no purpose in the relationship other than for their daughter.

Sonny is in love with Davis and always will be. There’s no question about it, but Davis is not interested in spending time with him on a romantic level.

The blowback for Davis was inevitable, but at least Eric fought her corner to maintain her position on the team.

You would think in 2021, the people she wrote the report about would be more interested in listening instead of giving her evil eyes when she walks down the corridor.

Davis is thick-skinned, but she doesn’t deserve to be disrespected in the workplace. She is great at her job and has saved the team on several occasions.

I hope she manages to get through to the people she wants to that there needs to be a change.

Does anyone else feel like the series is ending? So much is happening on an episodic basis, and the characters are reaching pivotal moments in their lives.

Surely they wouldn’t move the show to Paramount+ just to end it, but stranger things have happened.

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