Before Race and After Race: Schumacher 2021 Review Netflix

Before Race and After Race: Schumacher 2021 Review Netflix

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The new documentary Schumacher is based on the story of Michael Schumacher and it showcases a very touching portrait of the world champion who won 7 times. You can also watch this on Netflix. This seven-time world champion was under the spotlight of camera and television and media, still, there is a lot to learn from his life and also his career. This movie is for two hours and after watching the entire movie and about the Schumacher family, there is one thing that you will come to know and that is that you will learn and your perception will change about the greatest icons of Formula 1. 

Deeper Insight about the Movie 

This movie tells a lot about the personality and about the man. It also gives a good deeper insight into the persona and what the situation was like when Schumacher was away from the paddock and the pitlane. The film exposes two sides of Schumacher’s life which is true. One side of the story is about the blue ball (world)-sporting sports star who drastically changed the course of Formula 1 history as he was the center stone in the latest Grand Prix racing. Then, the second side of his story is that he gave everything for his family and his final formula 1 career episode was played out with none other than the Mercedes. 

It is also said that this was the reason that pulled him away from his interest and passion. The manager of Schumacher also recalls him telling that he misses his family and that he should be with his family…. Etc. 

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