Roadkill 2024 Movie review

“Roadkill” kicks off when a Hitchhiker, hailing from a fractured family background (Knudson), crosses paths with a Driver (Carmichael). Both harboring traumatic pasts, they embark on a journey together across the country. However, as they traverse an area plagued by a serial killer, the narrative takes a compelling twist.

Their odyssey turns perilous as they become the targets of Sheriff Teagan (Fast), unraveling a story where not everything is as straightforward as it appears. The film unfolds as we follow the characters, seeking to uncover the truth.

“Roadkill” is an action-packed crime thriller that follows the collaboration between a drifter and a driver as they traverse the country. Their journey intertwines with a manhunt for a serial killer, thrusting them into the midst of the chaos where not everyone reveals their true selves.

With plenty of twists and turns, this thriller establishes early on that appearances can be deceiving, with hidden secrets lurking around every corner. While it keeps viewers guessing, the intensity never reaches the expected heights. The film has the potential for a grander scale, but it effectively immerses us in a world where larger events unfold around the central characters. Ultimately, it crafts a narrative with broken characters drifting through a complex and mysterious world.


By acinetv