Rich in Love 2 2023 Movie

Director : Bruno Garotti
Writers : Bruno GarottiSylvio GonçalvesMaíra Oliveira
Stars : Jaffar BambirraAline DiasGiovanna Lancellotti

Also known as Ricos de Amor 2, the Brazilian movie is directed and written by Bruno Garotti along with writers Jama Wapichana, Sylvio Gonçalves, and Maíra Oliveira. The cinematography is done by Dante Belluti, and the editing is led by Diana Vasconcellos. Starring Giovanna Lancellotti and Danilo Mesquita in the lead roles, the sequel follows the story of Teto following his girlfriend Paula to the Amazon forest so he can stay with her.

The main cast includes Giovanna Lancellotti, Danilo Mesquita, Fernanda Paes Leme, Jaffar Bambirra, Adanilo Reis, Ernani Moraes, Lellê, Kay Sara, Roney Villela, and Aline Dias. The runtime of the flick is 1 hour 35 minutes and is available in Brazilian and English.

Teto is the owner of Teto Fresco, a co-op of his father’s tomato corporation. His doctor girlfriend Paula is leaving for Amazon as a volunteer to aid the sick people there. Teto tries to use his influence to stop her, but she leaves with Dr. Tawan. After a month, when Teto’s father announces that he should take over their family corporation and chuck out Teto Fresco, the young man decides to sell his tomatoes in the Amazon so he can be near his girlfriend. But little does he know the chaos he is about to face.

Now from the gist of the plot, it might sound like Teto is trying to run after the love of his life and be with her no matter what. While that is true, the director took the entire script to a whole new tomato level. Paula is a doctor, and she is trying to grow in her career, while Teto is quite careless and only bothers about her. This breaks their relationship for a while, and in the meantime, Teto finds his purpose, which is TOMATO.

While his interactions with the tribal people and the efforts he takes to be a part of their community, every goddamn thing is about tomatoes. We also have other storylines regarding the mining issue, the tribal community, the supposedly bad guy (he’s such a clown, to be honest), and such. However, it felt like all the serious concepts led the plot to nowhere.

It is nice to see through the screen the culture of a community, its customs, art, tradition, food, dance, and similar aspects. In this movie, we do get to see them and how Teto learns life while growing up with the people. If this movie is about Teto’s self-growth, why does it have to revolve around his business? The writers could have simply written a story where a lovesick Teto finds himself in the deep forest, growing with the community, realising his purpose, and then seeking Paula.

Rather than that, Paula is often seen near him, and that’s seriously dumb. He never gets a chance to focus on himself because he constantly sees her and even witnesses an awful mistake she does with Dr Tawan. Despite that, they still patch up without a proper conversation about that too. What in the world is this?

Then we have this whole family secret coming out about Teto and his friend Igor that causes another drama and all those fights for what? Simply for a share in the tomato business. Is the director a fan of this fruit? I bet he is. Because even at the party they served tomato juice—I can’t.

The landscapes are the only aspect that one will enjoy in this movie. Being able to witness the Amazon community’s lifestyle is a charm of this movie. Apart from that, nothing’s special. Is the romance factor there? It initially was, but in the end, it felt disturbing. Are the tomato business and all the mining crime a good idea to add? Absolutely not, especially in a rom-com.

Is Igor’s real identity a shocking fact? Nope, it felt like the writers stuffed that in to give this character some lines (he was looking perplexed and constipated the whole time). Comedy? Pfft, tomatoes. If you’ve previously seen the Rich in Love movie and want to know what’s on with the Paula and Teto couple, then you can stream part 2. Otherwise, the movie doesn’t hold much ground.

There are so many factors forced to connect with each other, but in reality, it never works like that. Going to Amazon, trying a tomato business, then there is this big villain, criminals trying to mine the grounds, loading mercury—what is this an 8-part series stuffed into a movie?


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