Retribution 2023 movie review

Liam Neeson takes the lead in the upcoming action flick, Retribution, and the buzz surrounding his latest thriller hints at a potential classic in the vein of his previous hits like Taken. Retribution is a remake of the 2015 film El Desconocido, originally in Spanish and French. The story revolves around a man whose family becomes a target when a former client seeks vengeance. Drawing inspiration from films like Speed, it focuses on a person trapped in a vehicle, coupled with themes of greed and the dilemma of choosing business over family, blurring the lines between good and bad.

The fresh news about Retribution unveils its first trailer, showcasing a simple yet gripping premise that combines elements of both Speed and Phone Booth. Liam Neeson appears tailor-made for the role of the desperate family man caught in an impossible scenario. Interestingly, he seems to be deviating from the typical action hero persona he’s known for. Instead, he portrays a character who finds himself out of his depth, relying on his wits to save himself and his loved ones.

Overall, the trailer is slick and impactful, serving as an excellent promotional tool for Retribution. The film stands on its own as an action-packed offering in an era dominated by sequels, spin-offs, and reboots. The movie’s main challenge was to present its premise convincingly without appearing frivolous, and the trailer masterfully accomplishes this by showcasing a tense and engaging thriller that maximizes its confined setting.

Scheduled for release on August 25, 2023, Retribution is primed for a late-summer theatrical release. This timing is ideal for this genre of action film, as several similar movies are also hitting theaters around the same time, such as The Meg 2: The Trench and Gran Turismo. These releases will undoubtedly pose stiff competition, with the former being a Jason Statham-led sequel and the latter based on a popular video game franchise.

Nimród Antal was announced as the director of Retribution at the same time that Neeson was cast in November 2020. This announcement also revealed that Jaume Collet-Serra would be producing, marking another collaboration between the two frequent partners. Collet-Serra previously directed Neeson in Unknown, Non-Stop, Run All Night, and The Collector, making this another addition to their successful lineup. Neeson has worked with numerous directors throughout his extensive career, but this marks his first collaboration with Antal.

As a remake, Retribution’s core plot should closely resemble that of El Desconocido. In Retribution, Liam Neeson portrays Matt Turner, a bank executive and father of two. One seemingly ordinary day, while Matt is driving his children to school and his wife is at home, he receives an anonymous call. The caller informs Matt that if anyone leaves their seats in the car, a bomb planted inside will detonate, killing everyone. To deactivate the bombs, Matt is ordered to transfer a substantial sum of money to the caller’s bank account. The mysterious caller reveals that Matt is being targeted due to his involvement in shady business practices.

Initially, Matt doubts the validity of the threat, but his skepticism wanes when he encounters a colleague facing a similar crisis. When that person’s car explodes, the stakes escalate dramatically. Forced to remain on the move to avoid police intervention, Matt and his children must unravel the reasons behind their predicament. Retribution shares similarities with Speed in that the protagonists are trapped, unable to escape the intricate puzzle without setting off a bomb. However, Matt’s professional background and his connection with the caller hint at his potential role in the dangerous situation that endangers his family.

Retribution 2023 Movie Trailer


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