Reflection of You 2021 Tv Series Review Summery

Reflection of You 2021 Tv Series Review Summery


A drama that hints at the secrets of Jung HeeJoo, a successful painter and essayist, and Gu HaeWon, a woman who lost the light of her youth, and how Jung HeeJoo is shaken out of control with the appearance of Gu HaeWon.

The story of the love, betrayal, corruption, and revenge that takes place through the life of a woman who has been faithful to her desire and another woman who has lost the light of life by meeting with her woman.

Hee Joo had a poor and fierce time during her youthful days. She is now a successful painter and essayist. Her husband is the successor of a hospital and they have two children. Her family life seems enviable, but Hee Joo feels like she spends her time meaninglessly. At that time, Hee Joo meets a woman. The woman is poor, just like Hee Joo in her younger days, but she still shines.

Adapted from the novel “Someone Who Looks Like You” by Jung So Hyeon.

“Reflection Of You” is a drama that follows the story of two very different women crossing paths during significant times in their lives.

The leads in the drama are Go HyunJung and Shin HyunBin.

Go HyunJung has appeared in the dramas “My Dear Friends” and “My Lawyer, Mr. Jo 2: Crime and Punishment.”

Shin HyunBin has appeared in the dramas “Hospital Playlist Season 1 and 2”, “Confession”, “Mistress”, “Argon”, “Queen of Mystery” and will be appearing in the 2022 drama “The Youngest Son Of A Conglomerate.”

Actors Kim JaeYoung (“Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life”, “Secret Boutique”, “Dear My Room”, “100 Days My Prince”, “Black”) and Choi WonYoung (“My Dangerous Wife”, “Alice”, “Mystic Pop-Up Bar”, “Nokdu Flower”, “Doctor Prisoner”, “Sky Castle”) will be the male leads in the drama.

“Reflection Of You” will foretell a solid narrative and include detailed emotional performances.

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