Patterns of Evidence: Journey to Mount Sinai II

Director : Timothy P. Mahoney
Writers : Steven LawTimothy P. Mahoney
Stars : Emmanuel AnatiBarry BeitzelHaim Berger

Mahoney utilizes the believed examples of proof methodology and the new Mount Sinai scorecard to research six of the most well known proposed Mount Sinai areas. By looking at the subtleties of five primary measures in the Scriptural record in correlation with the geological and archeological data, she embarks to pinpoint the genuine area of the mountain. Excursion to Mount Sinai is a two-section film series that gets the investigation of Departure the latest relevant point of interest.

Each film will inspect three of the principal candidates.EVIDENCE Examples: Excursion TO MOUNT SINAI centers around tracking down the genuine area of Mount Sinai. The film follows analytical producer Tim Mahoney looking for actual proof of the Mass migration excursion to Mount Sinai, where the Sacred writings share that God boiled down to meet the Israelites.The film follows the way of the Israelites in the wake of crossing the Red Ocean until they arrive at the mountain.

After at first zeroing in on a mountain in Saudi Arabia, inclined toward by Departure Travelers, Mahoney is tested to search for different choices. He utilizes the dependable examples of proof way to deal with explore six driving up-and-comers. Analyzing the subtleties of the scriptural text, as well as geographic and archeological data, he embarks to pinpoint the genuine area of the mountain.Each Excursion to Mount Sinai film investigates the proof for three Mount Sinai up-and-comers.

Chief Tim Mahoney remarks, “I figure this intelligent way to deal with utilizing the Mount Sinai scorecard will open up an unheard of degree of commitment for the watcher and their confidence as they utilize their Book of scriptures to survey the proof being introduced for every competitor.” of Mount Sinai.

Toward the finish of the two movies, the watcher will actually want to rate which area they accept is the genuine site of Mount Sinai and will be motivated by the verifiable validity of the Good book.”


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