Open Your Eyes 2021 – Some Psychological Thriller that Needs the Patience to Watch

Open Your Eyes 2021 – Some Psychological Thriller that Needs the Patience to Watch


There are many different kinds of movies that have come like a romantic, action thriller, comedy and so on including the psychological thriller movies too. But if there is any unique kind of psychological thriller movie that you can watch is the, ‘Open your eyes 2021. However, there are many things in the movie; the half part is a solo movie until this female character comes into the life of Jason. If you actually see from your viewpoint the movie is very confusing because there is only this one character in the movie and then there comes this female character, and then she is like it’s time to know the truth. But the truth whether revealed or not you will have to check out the movie. 

Unclarity – 

It is a very confusing movie. It is an interesting movie, but again some parts are quite unclear. There is also a scene that Jason feels nightmares and things are again not so clear in the movie until Lisa arrives. Though it is difficult to know the end, but again some parts are a bit clear. But for some people, the movie becomes extremely boring because there are only 3 characters in the movie including the cat. Plus, the movie doesn’t show anything regarding Jason opening his eyes. Is that Jason is blind ? or what the title suggests what should Jason see. 

Horror Scenes – 

There is also a horror scene in the movie where there are this ghostly characters someone ringing the bell and disappearing and then some liquid oozing out of the walls and the cracks, plus there is this cat also living with Jason. So, in all the viewers may get weary of trying to figure out a solution whether to watch the movie or not to watch. Because initially, this movie is so slow that it becomes difficult for some viewers to sit and watch, they become fidgety.

Have the Patience to Watch – 

But if they keep the patience then they can reach the end or somewhere in between where Lisa arrives. In the movie, there are so many things happening that it can become at a times difficult for the viewers to catch or understand the movie. Some people can quickly catch if they understand the movie. But it is very important for the viewers to just keep sticking hard and fast if they want to know the end of the movie. Sometimes it can weary down their patience watching just a movie with 3 characters i.e. Jason, Lisa, and the Cat. 

Just 3 Characters – 

Well, you can imagine and compare the loneliness, which is shown in this movie, no neighbors, no friends, no socializing, so it can become difficult for any person to watch the movies compared to the other bubbly movies that they have watched. Plus, it also shows that Jason keeps drinking alcohol, but whether there is any scene of good food or he sitting with Lisa and eating is again not shown in the trailer. So, overall it’s a good movie, but you need patience and a good amount of understanding as to what the writer is trying to tell the viewers by his movie.

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