One of the Best Intriguing Movies: Clickbait 2021

One of the Best Intriguing Movies: Clickbait 2021


There are many intriguing movies that you must have watched, but there is a very sui generis movie series that has come up which Netflix a hit. It is none other than Clickbait. It is a very interesting movie and its story is somewhat like this – there is a family, where husband, father, brother, and son appear in a viral video holding some signs that says, ‘I abuse women’ and at ‘5 million views I die’. Now, this viral video spreads like a wildfire on the internet and there are many clicks for the same. So, there is a lot of things that are going around in the family as well as out. 

Nick Disappears – 

One fine day, one of the characters i.e. nick disappears. And the video that went viral is not a confession it’s a death threat. So, there are a lot of things going on in the movie and the viewers keep guessing as to what the next thing will be? And when will Nick be found and much more questions are there among the curious observer. So, in this movie Nick is abducted, and he is unable to speak for himself. There are a total of 8 episodes in Clickbait. 

Every Episode Has Story – 

Each episode has its own story that is all inter-connected. So, every episode has its own story. For instance, the sister will show the story about the sister and how guilty she feels for having left nick and for the last conversation, etc., etc. So, each episode has its own story that is all interconnected with nick and his disappearance. Overall the story is good and the concepts are also unique. For some characters, the story is underwritten. Plus, there is also a comparison between the real world and the person or the personality that the director is trying to create online. 

Watch the Entire Series – 

It is a story about a man who is sweet and young and is seen making a confession in a viral video about abusing women. His sister Pia and wife Sophie are the strongest ones. This mini-movie series has many talented actors. There have also been some critical reviews about the movie and some viewers say that the movie has very little and the title is big. But only those who watched this entire series for 8 hours will know what is in it and what’s the truth behind Nick’s disappearance and much more. In the end, maybe the viewers will get to know whether they are able to find Nick. 

Secret Enemy – 

It can also be possible that nick has a secret enemy who did this or there could be no possibility for his disappearance, nor is nick studying in college where he has college enemies who can harm him. So, overall this movie series is like a lot of guesswork that needs to be done on the parts of the viewers to know the truth of the story. The movie has good action scenes and talented actors who have played their roles very well. It’s a worth seeing movie. 

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