One More Time 2023 movie trailer

One More Time, the upcoming dramedy film starring Hedda Stiernstedt in the lead role will premiere on Netflix on April 21. Written by Tove Forsman and Sofie Forsman, the film is directed by Jonatan Etzler.

According to the makers, the synopsis reads, “When 40-year-old Amelia (Hedda Stiernstedt) is hit by a truck the night of her birthday she wakes up back in 2002, on her 18th birthday, with the chance to relive her best day and make her life the perfect vision of what she’d intended it to be. But when she realizes that she’s stuck in a time loop, destined to relive the same day over and over again, she decides to figure out what she needs to fix in order to literally leave the past behind and return to present day.”

Here’s a thought: what would you do if you could turn back time? Of course, that’s a stretch, but how about this: what would you do if you were transported back in time to an age when you were much younger and full of dreams? We all have similar fantasies at some point in our life, and numerous movies have been created around the concept. Movies like Edge of Tomorrow, Deja Vu, and See You Yesterday serve as ideal examples of what might happen if you were trapped in a time loop, as well as what we should do in such situations.

While there have been various time travel movies in recent years, such as Tenet and The Adam Project, Netflix is bringing the glory back, but with a bit more emphasis on life. The upcoming Netflix film One More Time, starring Hedda Stiernstedt of The Restaurant, will take viewers on an exhilarating journey. After seeing the new trailer, many subscribers of Netflix have high hopes for it, and while that remains to be seen, here’s everything you need to know about One More Time.

The official trailer for Netflix’s One More Time has been released, and here is our interpretation of the narrative based on it. Amelia, a forty-year-old woman, is having a difficult life with a low-paying job, and to make matters worse, she gets fired on her birthday. While returning home, she thinks how cool it would be to be 18 again, when she could have fun and dream big. Soon after that, a vehicle hits Amelia as she wanders aimlessly on the road, and instead of dying, she wakes up younger, on her 18th birthday.

Having received her wish, she chooses to create a new future for herself, but she is unaware that these happenings always have consequences. After the day, she wakes up to find herself on the same day over and over again until she can’t take it anymore. Will Amelia be able to break free from this time loop? Or will she have to pay the price for wishing for something that shouldn’t be possible in the first place?

Apart from the underlying story, the leading actress, Hedda Stiernstedt, who portrays Amelia, is the most remarkable thing about this film. The fact that she seemed to be a forty-year-old woman before the accident and then transformed into a woman of such exquisite beauty thereafter demonstrates the amount of work put into her character. For those who are unfamiliar with Hedda, she is best known for her role as Nina in the Swedish dark drama The Restaurant. She is also widely recognized for her roles in Young Sophie Bell, Black Lake, Pink Cloud Syndrome, and Beforeigners.

Meanwhile, Vanna Rosenberg and Per Fritzell portray Amelia’s mother and father, respectively. While the former is best recognized for High Rise Life – Movie and Kvarteret Skatan, the latter has been featured in various well-known Swedish TV shows such as Svensk Humor, Tornado, and Macken. While these three characters have significant roles, the supporting cast includes Evelyn Mok, Tove Edfeldt, Miriam Ingrid, David Tainton, Lo Kauppi, Maxwell Cunningham, Edvard Olsson, and many more.


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