nine perfect strangers

There are many movies that have come up, but there are some movies that have a sui generis concept and ideas. In some movies, the title is so interesting that after reading the title itself you would jump to watch the movie. But you must not look at the title itself, because sometimes it can happen that the title of the movie is very interesting, but the movie is very boring. So, one such interesting movie that you can watch is, ‘nine perfect strangers’. It is a very interesting movie and has a unique concept and story. It’s a worth watching movie. However, there are many reviews but the end is not described.

Nine Strangers –

This movie, Nine Perfect Strangers is about the nine strangers who meet at a resort for healing and others like weight loss and rebooting their lives. So, they get to know about each other’s secrets and some other secrets of the resorts also. Some people who liked this movie also commented that they like the idea of people going towards self-improvement. Others who liked the movie like the concept and the story that 9 strangers meet and then they share their story and the struggles that they faced and how they have overcome etc.

Unique Bonding –

And then the interesting part is that you get to meet the people who are complete strangers and love them for who they are. This is a unique kind of bonding where people meet and share and they start liking others and takes interest in their story and their struggles and so much more. So, overall the movie is good and has an interesting story. And it’s all about appreciation. But again when the movie proceeds further there are some secrets that the strangers reveal and there is something strange about the place where they have come i.e. rehab center.

Interesting Movie –

Plus, the owner of the center also demands certain things for the strangers to do, which she calls healing. So, likewise, there are many things in this movie. So, this movie is also interesting, and some or let’s say most of the parts about this movie are about meditation. One way even the viewers can learn a lot from the movie, like how self-healing works. Most of the reviews will comment on this, hardly will you find a review that will tell about the climax of the movies and some scenes where the people get disturbed in between. But that’s the part of the movie.


By acinetv