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My Dad The Bounty Hunter Creators Everett Downing & Patrick Harpin discuss the new series including alien designs, the incredible voice cast, and so much more!

My Dad The Bounty Hunter is a family friendly animated series that drops on Netflix February 9th. In this exclusive interview with creators Everett Downing & Patrick Harpin, Mama’s Geeky discusses the alien designs, voice cast, and more.

Something that we noticed right away was a nod to Netflix series Maya and the Three. When asked about it, the creators immediately admit that it is there to pay homage to writer Jorge R. Gutierrez, who mean a lot to them. “They were kind of our surrogate production. I was working on Maya right before I did Dad and Jorge was really great to us. And very generous,” Everett Downing says. He also adds that while there are not really any other nods to Netflix series, there are plenty of sci-fi Easter Eggs for viewers to keep an eye out for.

My Dad The Bounty Hunter is a series that families can enjoy together, which was always the plan. All too often shows that are made for children are something that parents zone out during. Patrick Harpin admits that he actually resisted pitching a kid’s show for a while. “They always make you dumb it down for kids. I remember what that felt like when I was a kid and I hated it. When you would watch stuff where you’re like, they think we’re babies. We didn’t want to do that.”

Harpin adds, “But with this idea, there’s so much adult possibilities for story because of him being a bounty hunter and what you can do with that. Netflix really let us kind of go wild. I’m kind of amazed that we got away with it. Because normally, there’s so much stuff in the show you would never get to do. We really wanted to make something know that we would watch. Like Batman: The Animated Series and shows like that.”

The aliens throughout the series are all unique and fun looking. When asked about the design of them, and if they had anything in mind or let their team go wild, Downing confesses they just let their team go at it. “We had this really amazing visual development team. A lot of times you can assign stuff only to certain people, but we kept it open. They could come from anywhere. And there were some people were actually shy about it and we were like awesome, we’re using that.”

Harpin adds that this was pre The Mandalorian and other stuff that has come out, and they felt like they were seeing a lot of very serious sci-fi stuff that wasn’t fun with desaturated colors and things like that. “[We were] not getting the fun 80s [vibe]. And so we made a lot of decisions of okay, let’s do the opposite of what’s in vogue right now. More like fifth element, which is more playful, kind of go for broke visually. And bright colors. We just tried to kind of do what we weren’t seeing a lot of people do at the moment.”

About My Dad The Bounty Hunter

My Dad the Bounty Hunter is an animated action-comedy series following close-knit siblings Lisa and Sean, who stow away on their dad’s latest work trip, hoping to finally get some quality time together. Little do they know Dad’s been keeping a secret from them — he’s actually the toughest bounty hunter in the galaxy!

Launched into the surprise space adventure of a lifetime, Lisa and Sean discover that their seemingly average dad’s job is anything but boring. Dodging dangerous aliens, robots, and laser fights galore, family bonding time becomes much more than they bargained for as they try to help their dad in pursuit of his toughest fugitive yet.

With his kids along for the ride, Dad must show up for them when they need it most — and they’d better make it home before Mom finds out! From Creators and Executive Producers Everett Downing and Patrick Harpin, My Dad the Bounty Hunter is a warp-speed adventure across the constellation of ups, downs and moments in between that shape family life.


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