My Animal 2023 movie review

Director Jacqueline Castel’s debut feature film, “My Animal,” has received an “R” rating from the Motion Picture Association (MPA). This rating is attributed to the film’s content, which includes elements such as “language throughout, sexual content, nudity, some drug use, and violence.”

The movie boasts an ensemble cast, with Amandla Stenberg taking the lead role. Stenberg is joined by talented actors including Bobbi Salvör Menuez, Stephen Mchattie, Heidi Von Palleske, Cory Lipman, and Joe Apollonio, making for a promising and diverse lineup.

The plot of “My Animal” centers around Heather, a teenage goalie who finds herself as an outcast in her small town but aspires to play on the local hockey team. Her life takes a transformative turn when she encounters Jonny, a captivating but deeply troubled figure skater. Despite facing numerous challenges, including her alcoholic mother, a hidden sexual orientation, and a mysterious family curse that turns her into a feral wolf during the full moon, Heather and Jonny’s love blossoms.

In her review of the film at Sundance, Meagan Navarro noted that “My Animal” defies easy categorization. The movie combines multiple genres, including horror, romance, and a significant focus on drama, resulting in a captivating and stylish coming-of-age story. The film’s narrative operates on the intricate interplay of mood and emotion, using the werewolf mythos as a metaphor to explore Heather’s journey of self-discovery and the awakening of her sexuality.

With its compelling blend of genres and the exploration of complex themes, “My Animal” promises to be a thought-provoking and visually engaging cinematic experience. The “R” rating reflects the film’s mature content and suggests that it will provide an intense and emotionally charged viewing experience for its audience.


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