Murder by the Coast Movie Review- A true Netflix legacy

Murder by the Coast Movie Review- A true Netflix legacy

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In the engrossing list of a Buffet of crime series on Netflix, Murder by the Coast, a Spanish crime documentary film is not much different. However, sometimes not being truly unique isn’t a bad thing. The streaming giant, Netflix, has one big USP with its interesting list of crime series.

This less than 19 minute film might feel a bit breezy in front of those 10 episodes of one hour each. That doesn’t include anything about the content though.

The Gist

The tragic moments from a human eye include the murder of teenagers. And that is what this movie Banks upon. We are not surprised considering the most popular series contains similar storylines. After the murder, the same processes find their way into the jury of one’s peers.

The police try their best to find the culprit. Everyone is eager to find the murderer and has various reasons for it. The tools used are forensic reports, interviews, talking heads and a strong narrative ties it all together. The story is well paced because of the shorter time base. You will find personal testimonies as the human component is in no Shortage here.

A true crime series fan will find it really interesting to solve the mystery by himself. Even though he won’t have much time to guess because in 90 minutes, everything will be revealed.

There is very narrow evidence of finding the culprit as linking different scenarios is impossible for the police.

Our Take

Tania Ballo Has already made four other crime films that have been successful. She knows how to tell her stories. The screenplay has been done perfectly and written in Spanish and perfectly dubbed in English. You will truly enjoy it when the facts are revealed slowly even though not really at a slow pace.

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