Monsters at work – Greatness on an Average

Monsters at work – Greatness on an Average

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One always expects animated series to be fun. Laughter is mandatory for a series of this greed. However, we couldn’t find many bits of entertainment in this Disney’s new animated series monsters at work. With many, we mean even a normal piece of laughter wasn’t as grown-up as we expected. Yes, definitely, children would have a lot of fun with such a source like this.

The scary monsters are now trying to be jokers which is a rare concept. We appreciate the writers for such a show but it could have been made much more worthwhile watching. This Disney show is more useful for young viewers only if they’re interested in the inherent instability of modern working life.

The Gist

The series starts with two half-hour episodes and the following ones are very slow. Even the second episode takes its own good 15 minutes to reach the storyline. Other than that, it is uninventive. Most of the jokes in the series are painfully laboured.

Mike and Sulley in Monsters University have a dream of becoming scarers. The newcomers need to be in the bottommost team that is monsters Inc facilities team. It is a team of misfits who are in charge of fixing anything that goes awry. Such a newcomer is Taylor who is not thrilled to go from promising rookie to just another unwanted newcomer.

Our take

Since we have already mentioned our take on the show, we should also consider the room for improvement. There is a lot of potential for the show to become a little less sluggish and can improve on its storyline and depiction of characters. a few efforts on tightening the plot here and there and the shoe can turn out to be a laughter riot.

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