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The story of Monkey Man is one of relentless struggle, following the journey of its protagonist, portrayed by the multi-talented Dev Patel, from oppression and trauma to a vengeful existence in the gritty underworld fight clubs of an Indian slum. Patel, transitioning from actor to writer-director, poured years of effort into bringing his passion project to life on the big screen. Despite facing numerous setbacks, including production challenges exacerbated by the onset of Covid-19 and initial distribution hurdles with Netflix, the film finally found its champion in Jordan Peele.

Peele recognized the cinematic potential of Monkey Man and orchestrated a theatrical release through his production company’s partnership with Universal Studios. Patel’s directorial debut showcases his prowess in crafting intense, visceral fight sequences set against the backdrop of a bustling Indian slum, drawing inspiration from Hindu mythology and real-life societal issues.

Yet, watching Monkey Man is not for the faint-hearted. The nearly two-hour journey is a relentless exploration of grim realities, with Patel’s silent yet resilient protagonist navigating a world of corruption and violence. Kid, as portrayed by Patel, evolves from a downtrodden underdog to a formidable force seeking retribution against those who have wronged him and his community.

Supported by a cast of characters representing various facets of societal injustice, Kid’s journey is fraught with moral ambiguity and the weight of his traumatic past. Patel’s direction immerses the audience in the chaotic energy of the slums, juxtaposed with moments of quiet introspection and frenetic action.

While Monkey Man may stumble in its narrative cohesion and character depth, Patel’s visual flair and kinetic energy keep the audience engaged. From the frenzied fight scenes to the gritty realism of urban life, the film showcases a promising debut from a filmmaker with undeniable potential.

Despite its rough edges, Monkey Man serves as a testament to Patel’s talent and ambition, hinting at even greater achievements to come. As a proof of concept for his prowess both in front of and behind the camera, Monkey Man emerges as a gritty and compelling success story.


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