Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area 2022 Tv Series Review and Trailer

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area 2022 Tv Series Review and Trailer

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The Netflix Korea miniseries ‘Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area’ is out and the 6 episodes were definitely not enough to see the drama so let’s look at some significant moments of the drama :-

The acting

K-Dramas, at times, do have not-so-great actors but that’s not an issue here as we have a star studded main cast such as experienced actors like Yoo Ji Tae, Park Hae Soo, Kim Yoon Jin and more! The newer actors like Jeon Jong Seo, Kim Ji Hoon, Lee Hyun Woo and more have also added their touch to the characters. Following the Korean way, the actors seeped so much life into the characters that a viewer is also part of. The anger, desperation, lust and everything else were brought to life!

The impressive storyline

The 6 episodes condensed the story very well as the twists and turns were timed properly! From Professor making his plan, to falling for Police Inspector Seo Woo Jin, to the team breaking apart and coming together in the end- the drama had it all! Even the portrayal of tension amongst the North and South Koreans was on the backburner but they did a great job of showing it subtly

The love lines in the drama

While the romance aspect wasn’t prominent, the budding relationships in and outside the Mint were still heart fluttering! From Professor and Seo Woo Jin to Yoon Mi Sun and Denver as well as Tokyo and Rio- the progress of these couples was nice to see! These plots bring a little relief to the otherwise strong storyline.

Special mention- Denver & Moscow’s chemistry

The father-son duo have a special place in our hearts for the amazing chemistry that they displayed throughout the drama. Despite going through things themselves, these two’s love for each other knows no bounds as they put their life on the line for each other. From their introduction scene to small conversations, their bond is definitely one of the reasons to binge the series!

Park Hae Soo as Berlin

Previously known to be a sly character in ‘Squid Games’, Park Hae Soo did not hold back his sly ways as Berlin in ‘Money Heist’ and it made us hate the character at times. Misunderstood, selfish and mean- Berlin is all that and it can be seen in his treatment of the hostages as he tries to control all of them with his ways as it was the only way he knew. It’s obvious that teamwork, camaraderie, etc isn’t in his vocabulary but the character development was also a sight to see.

Yoo Ji Tae as Professor

The man of the hour, Yoo Ji Tae did an amazing job as Professor as he controlled and created new obstacles for the police as well as other powerful people. While his background story was not fully revealed, it seemed as though he had revenge to exact from Seo Woo Jin’s ex-husband, a powerful politician. While his personal feelings were getting in his way, he didn’t stray away from his mission.

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