Masters of the Universe: Revelation – Stream it or Skip it?

Masters of the Universe: Revelation – Stream it or Skip it?

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When we heard the name, we never knew what to expect. Would it be more sophisticated or it would have the same charm as the extended commercials for toy lines. Whatever it was, we were really excited to see Kevin Smith signing on to make a sequel series.

Kevin Smith has brought some iconic characters to the cost of this film. The series was to be made specifically to please fans. However, it did a bit more than that. New fans were developed who had never heard of these characters before. Some of them review-bombed Masters of the universe: revelation, mainly the fans of He-man.

The Cast

The opening shot starts with an intro of Prince Adam of an attorney who defends the secret of Castle Greyskull. The Cast includes Sarah Michael Gellar, Stephen Root, Liam Cunningham, Griffin Newman, Susan Eisenberg, Lena Headey. As mentioned earlier, the caste brings sophistication to the whole story. We also expected a bit more humor and it was there. The head writers did a good job in making it an all-rounder for the ones who expected a lot from Kevin Smith.

Our Take

The series reminds us of the 80s version of He-Man and the masters of the universe. As we could expect, the 2021 version was more sophisticated, thanks to Kevin Smith. Fan reactions were only 25% and it was in contrast with critical reactions that were 94%. So, if you already are a fan of He-Man, this series is made for you.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation 2021 Trailer

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