Malibu Horror Story

Director : Scott Slone
Writer : Scott Slone
Stars : Dylan SprayberryRobert Bailey Jr.Valentina de Angelis

“Malibu Horror Story” (2022) is a found footage horror film crafted by writer and director Scott Slone. The movie skillfully utilizes various cinematic techniques spanning the breadth of found footage storytelling, including CCTV surveillance footage, faux documentary-style interviews, and the immersive first-person (filmmaker) perspective that modern genre fans are familiar with.

What sets “Malibu Horror Story” (2022) apart is its dedication to authenticity throughout its extended ten-year production journey. It involved the use of over 30 cameras and codecs, an achievement that has already earned praise from test audiences for its originality and ingenuity.

The film’s originality and ingenuity are largely credited to director Scott Slone and his dedicated production team, who elevated the narrative to new heights. The movie’s production history is a colorful and lengthy one. In 2009, soon after the release of “Paranormal Activity,” Slone was inspired to craft his own found footage horror tale, which was initially referred to as “Malevolent.”

“‘Malevolent’ was filmed and edited as a feature and used as a proof of concept in 2010. We utilized it to raise funds for the filming of the same story, ‘The Malibu Tapes,’ in 2012 with a larger budget, crew, and improved equipment. Test screenings were conducted in 2015 and 2017, followed by shooting new rewrites in 2019 and ultimately completing the movie under its final title, ‘Malibu Horror Story’ (2022)” (Sunny Oak Films).

“Malibu Horror Story” (2022) weaves a richly developed backstory rooted in Native American mythology and paranormal legends that touch upon the spirit realm and historical wrongs committed against Native American communities. In essence, viewers will find the film utterly chilling. The primary storyline follows a team of filmmakers working on their show, “Paranormal Files,” as they delve into the enigmatic world of supernatural phenomena. In their latest case, the team investigates the disappearance of four teenagers from Malibu, last seen traveling together on June 17, 2012, in the Southern California mountains. Their vanishing had a profound impact on the close-knit community of Malibu. Despite extensive search and rescue efforts, extensive news coverage, and a police investigation that ultimately went cold, the boys were believed to be lost forever by most friends and families. That is, until years later, when the “Paranormal Files” crew uncovers groundbreaking revelations related to the case.

This film offers a wealth of material to delve into. However, it’s evident that the production team possesses an intricate understanding (and affection) for the found footage genre. They have skillfully expanded the boundaries of cinematography, offering new perspectives and innovative ideas. Fans of found footage have been eagerly awaiting the release of “Malibu Horror Story” (2022) for what must have felt like an eternity. Recently, the film has emerged from the shadows and is set to have an official release this year. Over the years, many fans have reached out to Found Footage Critic, inquiring about where, when, and how they can watch this movie. Some have been fortunate enough to catch an early glimpse at film festivals. The film had its premiere at HorrorFest International on October 23, where it was awarded the title of “Scariest Film.” It also claimed the honors of “Best Horror Feature” at the Atlanta Horror Film Festival and “Best Feature” at Spooky Empire.

Stay vigilant for the release of “Malibu Horror Story” (2022). It will be showcased, complete with a filmmaker Q&A, at the 2022 Unnamed Footage Festival (UFF5) in San Francisco, California. You can keep up with the production team on social media through Instagram and Twitter, as well as their official website.


By acinetv