The shady job of a pimp (or a pimp, as it is also known colloquially) is actually not one of the common dream jobs of young men. But the sunny boy Klaus Barkowsky (played by Aaron Hilmer) dreams of just that in the early 1980s. Spurred on by drugs, the sexual revolution and the disco wave, Klaus founds a pimp cartel with a group of hooligans in Hamburg. In the process, he and his friends come across the established pimps on the Reeperbahn and also the upcoming AIDS crisis and the spread of Coke threaten business.

The six-part series was realized by Niklas Hoffmann, Peter Kocyla and Rafael Parente and takes the audience to the wicked entertainment mile of the Hanseatic city. The trailer exudes a pleasant retro charm and comes up with unmistakable local color. In addition to Hilmer, the cast also includes Jeanette Hain, Lena Urzendowsky, Noah Tinwa and Henning Flüsloh. But whether the makers will also succeed in setting critical accents will become apparent at the end of next week.


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