Mila Kunis returns in the new Netflix thriller Luckiest Girl Alive. Where she will be seen playing a soon-to-be New York Times Editor with a hidden past.

The film is directed by Mike Barker and is based on the best-selling novel of the same name. Moreover, it has a running time of one hour and fifty-five minutes.

The story is centred around the character of Ani Fanelli, played by Mila Kunis. Who describes herself at the peak of things, personally and professionally. She is going to be promoted as an editor of a big news agency which will advance her career miles ahead. Moreover, she is also content with her love life and is planning to marry a businessman.

Ani believes that the secret to her success is determination and hard work, layered with the secret ingredient- Hustle. She is a boss woman who knows how to succeed at any cost.

A big change takes place in her life when she meets her high school teacher at a party. The teacher recognizes Ani as Tifanny and unfolds a series of events about her past.

When Ani was studying in high school, she met with a horrific incident, that instilled serious trauma inside her. Over the years, she has learned how to cope with it, but the sudden appearance of her teacher reignites the trauma. The story then shifts to Ani’s past and gives a detailed look at the incident.

Furthermore, the series of events also overtake Ani’s present life and wreak dangerous havoc. Now, it’s up to Ani to make peace with the past, before it consumes her completely.


By acinetv