Love Island – Try and stop yourself

Love Island – Try and stop yourself

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The seventh series of Love Island has returned and it’s been difficult to stop myself. The contestants go through a lot. What we particularly love about the show is the voice over done by Iain Sterling. He’s been doing it since 2015 and it has a huge influence In the show being funny as it is intended. A new batch of victims come here to Obey the mandate of falling in and out of love, lust, embark on challenges, “the public vote, discover the prize winner of 50,000 bucks.

Is this year’s Love Island cruelty free?

One might not expect any leniency on the contestants this year as well. The outrightly sparkling beauties and buffed up guys have all been ordered from a celebrity shop. The humiliation for sex is here. The willing victims have learned to see themselves as a prized commodity as they line up to be picked and pick others. They might also feel like a depreciating asset as at one point, they face rejections.

The show works on you like it’s a drug. Once you get used to it, it’s hard to get out of it. The beginning is however uninteresting for some but beware of getting hooked up to your screen. You gradually gain emotions for the contestants and have many things against the People acting as culprits in the show.

Our Take

According to us, we are still having mixed feelings if you should watch the show. a few of the questions and answers in the show have no meaning at all while some of them are logical. So, we would say that if you have a logical mindset, you might find the show unentertainingly funny.

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