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Love During Lockup is back for another season. Though it appears there have been no true healthy romances from Season 1, it is still interesting to watch the process. Now the series has returned for another round and here are all of the details known including the release date. Read on for more details.

Love During Lockup Is Back Next Month

Currently, the first Love After Lockup spinoff, Life After Lockup is airing. Yet, it looks like it only has a handful of episodes left in the season before LDL takes over. Season 2 will premiere on Friday, October 21st on WeTV, according to a new trailer. As it stands, most of the inmates appear to be men with one being a woman. From the preview, here is what is known so far. These women (and one man) are willing to do whatever it takes. They are spending money left and right and taking risks for love.

One of the ladies looking who has fallen hard is hearing impaired. However, she eventually finds out that her inmate Romeo may have killed someone. Another is seemingly dressed for her wedding while there is a return cast member from last season. Tai, who worked at the mortuary, is back for round two. She was dating Hottie last year but had a rotation of so many different men, it was like an addiction. This time, she is claiming she found a husband and is getting married. Yet her perfect romance seems to go awry when she is throwing and kicking stuff everywhere.

There is one couple who met in high school and now, while he is locked up, she is going to great lengths for love. One of them is getting his last name tattooed on her stomach. The sole male is a software engineer who has arrogance issues so that is why he has had to look for love this way. Finally, one woman worked for the prison system but found herself in love. Therefore, she reigned. Hopefully, it is all worth it because that is a huge risk.

The Concept Of The Series

This show delves into prison relationships while they are happening. Instead of the other series which shows what happens after the release, Love During Lockup explores it from the beginning. In the first season, Harry and Indie may have been seen as the most successful couple. They got spiritually married while he was locked up. Upon his release, she relocated with her daughter to be with him. They ended up on Love After Lockup but he ended up being unfaithful. By the time the season ended, the relationship was over.

Maybe there will be better luck all around for the couples this season. Are you looking forward to it? Let us know and watch Love During Lockup when it returns on October 21st to WeTV.


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