Leanne Morgan will take the stage, as Netflix has announced they will release a comedy special from the artist for the first time ever. Titled Leanne Morgan: I’m Every Woman, the special is set to celebrate women in an observational and instructional way, according to Deadline. Some of the experiences that will be talked about during the program will be Morgan’s experience while growing up in Tennessee and being married for over twenty years.

Moving to a different era of the comedian’s life, raising her three children and the fact that she became a grandmother will also be discussed during her routine. Morgan had previously released comedy specials on YouTube.

The comedian released a statement expressing her excitement for the upcoming release, saying: “Maybe those horrible decisions I made in the 80s smoking behind a dumpster are actually going to pay off! It’s been such a wild time traveling the country sharing my stories and experiences with so many of you. I just want to straddle all of you, kiss you on the mouth, and do your laundry.

Thank you all, for making this Tennessee Mama’s dream come true!” Morgan kept her signature comedy style while talking to her fans about her Netflix special, ensuring that her essence will be preserved, no matter what platform they see her in.

Before she was named the “Mrs. Maisel of Appalachia” by her fans, Morgan performed at local clubs, until a club owner approached her with the opportunity of delivering hour-long shows at his establishment. After she moved to San Antonio, Texas, Morgan went to participate in the Las Vegas Comedy Festival, where her career went through a major push.

A little bit of time after she obtained those opportunities, the comedian began making appearances at shows such as The View, featuring Whoopi Goldberg, where she was a part of the Hilarious Housewives segment.

Leanne Morgan has managed to create her own brand of stand-up comedy. With her charismatic southern accent and her extremely detailed descriptions of the funny things from her day-to-day life, the comedian loves to slowly wrap her audience around her anecdotes, until she delivers the perfect punchline to her unsuspecting audience.

With the opportunity of developing her own Netflix stand-up comedy special, similar to what Chris Rock did at the beginning of this month, she can allow her humor to reach a very wide audience.


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