Ladies Who List: Atlanta 2022 Tv Series – OWN

Ladies Who List: Atlanta 2022 Tv Series – OWN

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OWN is dropping your next favorite reality TV series, just in time for the new year. theGrio has an exclusive clip from the upcoming premiere of Ladies Who List: Atlanta.

From shows like Love and Marriage: Huntsville to Belle Collective, OWN has become a major network when it comes to reality TV. Its latest series has enough promise to be their biggest hit yet, as it brings audiences into the lush world of the Atlanta real estate market.

Ladies Who List: Atlanta is an eight-episode series that follows six professional Black businesswomen dominating Atlanta real estate sales. Per the show’s synopsis, these women may be friends, “but business is business.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be reality show without a healthy dose of gossip, shade and drama. In the exclusive clip obtained by theGrio, the ladies go around the group and discuss their cast mate, Robin Andrade.

Quiana Watson tells the ladies, “I know Robin…I knew who I thought she was. It’s very interesting that she would want to collaborate with me.”

She added, “She had the opportunity to come through for me, and she didn’t. So to come back and say you want to do business with me is very disturbing.” The ladies then begin to discuss Cristyl Kimbrough, another cast member who has everyone talking.

The clip then teases an upcoming dinner with the ladies. One of them chimes in, “Let’s just make sure when we do go to this dinner…that we keep it classy, and keep it the way that we need to.”

Ladies Who List: Atlanta comes during a surge of real estate-focused reality TV shows on cable and streaming services. Netflix’s popular Selling series has turned out to be a huge success for the streamer with its latest iteration, Selling Tampa, shooting to number one on the service just 24 hours after its release. Selling Tampa also follows an all Black and female brokerage led by Sharelle Rosado, who recently welcomed a daughter with former NFL player Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson.

“In Atlanta, a team of Black women are breaking up the “old boys club” of the luxury real estate game. Through a sophisticated portrayal of successful businesswomen, these real estate pros will help buyers find their dream homes, teach clients the importance of establishing generational wealth, and prove that home ownership is attainable for all.

These aspirational ladies show the power of Black women as they simultaneously juggle booming careers and their personal lives. From fertility concerns, to balancing marriage and motherhood, to embracing therapy and finding new love, the ladies persevere against adversity – all while working to elevate themselves, their clients and the city of Atlanta through big real estate wins.”

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