La Venganza de las Juanas 2021, The Next Mexican Tv Series

La Venganza de las Juanas 2021, The Next Mexican Tv Series



La Venganza de las Juanas is a drama series that tells the story of five women with the same name: Juana. But they also share a detail they never would have imagined: a fish-shaped birthmark on their asses.

From that moment on, the protagonists discover that there are also other aspects of their lives that they have in common, such as the fact that they do not know who their father is. For this reason, they decide to investigate more details of his past that his mothers have hidden from him.

Mexico It is one of the Latin American countries that has started the most productions on the streaming service Netflix and it will be a trend that will continue as a new bet is called The revenge of the Juanas. Here you can find out everything about this adaptation of the Colombian telenovela by Bernardo Romero Pereiro entitled Las Juanas de 1997.

Why is The revenge of the Juanas? This indicates their official synopsis: “Five women who don’t know each other at all discover that they all have the same birthmark. From that moment on, they begin to investigate the mystery of their birth and look for the man who cheated on their mothers.”.

Alejandro Reyes was the writer accompanied by Jimena Romero, Daughter of the main writer of the Colombian soap opera. In an interview with Glamor mexicothe screenwriter commented: “This is a story from 1997. When my father wrote it, his idea to make a very easy story was a little bit of comedy. He was a very feminist man and his stories always had very strong feminine characters. “.

The main characters will consist of White Vega (Juana Manuela), Renata Notni (Juana Valentina), Okay giner (Juana Caridad), Sofia Engberg (Juana Bautista) and Juana Arias (Juana Matilde). The rest of the cast is complete with Carlos Ponce, Iván Amozurrutia, Jorge Antonio Guerrero, Pablo Astiazarán, Fernando Becerril, Federico Espejo, Carlos Athié, Verónica Merchant, Ana Ludyvina Velarde, Mauricio Isaac and Ricky del Real .

La Venganza de las Juanas 2021 Tv Series Trailer

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