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Yes, there’s still a Fall TV season, and yes, it’s now well under way. Broadcast TV got a little pep in its step last year thanks to two freshman sitcom phenoms: ABC’s “Abbott Elementary” and CBS’ “Ghosts.” When asked to tout their new wares, several network execs instead opted to shine more spotlight on returning shows they hope to keep buzzing as sophomore sensations.

It’s time for Variety’s annual fall check-in with network heads across broadcast, cable and streaming — although how to do that proves tricky these days. Many execs’ gigs transcend platforms, after all — like Disney’s Craig Erwich, who serves as entertainment president for both ABC and Hulu, or the NBCUniversal duo of Susan Rovner and Frances Berwick, whose domain stretches across programming for broadcast, network and streaming.

But they all are toiling away in this new landscape, and all facing the same issues. For one, have we reached content saturation point? Is that even a thing? Has peak TV peaked? No! Possibly! Yes! Or as AMC Networks’ Dan McDermott might say, Who cares?! “Peak TV is just a phrase that was thrown out in 2015,” he says. “It’s an irrelevant and meaningless term.”

As for rival shows that execs want to steal, “House of the Dragon” and “Abbott Elementary” lead the pack. Here’s this year’s Variety Network Presidents Fall TV survey, answered by execs from Netflix, ABC/Hulu, NBC, CBS, Fox, The CW, Showtime, FX, AMC, Discovery, OWN, Paramount Plus, Amazon and more.

When Is La Brea Season 2 Premiering?
La Brea Season 2 had been already released in the US, on Tuesday, September 27, 2022, at 9 pm ET/PT on NBC. All new episodes will also be available for streaming the next day (more on that in a moment).

How Many Episodes Does La Brea Season 2 Have?
La Brea Season 2 is scheduled to have 14 episodes, which is 4 episodes more than the past season. That is not a surprise, checking out at the show’s popularity among fans of the genre. After the season debut, all new episodes will be dropped week after week on NBC, each Tuesday, at 9 pm ET/PT, and the next day on Peacock. Take a look at the titles and release dates of the first two episodes:

Episode 1: “The Next Day”, September 27, 2022.

Episode 2: “The Cave”, October 2, 2022.

Where Is La Brea Streaming?
La Brea is a science fiction drama mystery show that debuted on NBC in September 2021. A Universal Television and Keshet Studios production, the show got mixed reviews for its 1st season when it debuted. During its 1st season run, La Brea got a renewal order for a 14-episode 2nd second season. If you love impossible science fiction stories, then La Brea might be right up your alley. And on the off chance that you haven’t seen this show yet, then you can catch up on the 1st season, accessible on NBC’s site and on Peacock. Viewers in the UK and Ireland can watch the 1st season on Paramount+, available on subscription.


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