Kitz 2021 Tv Series Review – dark side comes to light in first images

Kitz 2021 Tv Series Review – dark side comes to light in first images

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From the end of this year, Netflix will again come with a new drama series: Kitz. In Kitz, we meet rich people from Munich as they gather in the luxurious ski resort of Kitzbühel in Austria. The first images can now be seen.

A year after the tragic death of her brother, 19-year-old Lisi finds herself in the elite circles of Munich. She manages to get in touch with the beautiful Vanessa and not without ulterior motives. Vanessa was the last to have contact with her brother before he died in an accident. While the world stood still for Lisi after the accident, the life of social media star Vanessa went on quietly. It doesn’t take long for Lisi to discover the truth behind the decadent facade of the rich, and that truth has major consequences.

The cast of Kitz includes Bless Amada, Zoran Pingel, Sofie Eifertinger, Valerie Huber, Tyron Ricketts, Krista Tcherneva, Florence Kasumba, Souhaila Amade and Ben Felipe. The series is produced by Vitus Reinbold and Nikolaus Schulz-Dornbrug who also wrote the series. The direction was in the hands of Lea Becker and Maruice Hübner, who each have three episodes to their name.

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