Katla Season 1 Review – Play with Geographical Emotions

Katla Season 1 Review – Play with Geographical Emotions

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The opening shot in the first episode was where our attention was grabbed fully. Naked bodies covered in volcanic ashes slowly getting up from the ground is something we haven’t seen earlier.

Iceland, a small island that contains all volcanoes, is always a risky affair. One can see why those bodies were covered in Lava. However, what is different here was that those volcanoes erupted constantly and Asees came into the atmosphere harming mankind.

Katla is an eye-opening series that might leave one flabbergasted right from the first episode. People are endangered and the story revolves around how they protect and save themselves in such a dangerous environment. The story gets pretty emotional and people might find themselves binge watching the series.

A reminder of something

The Show might remind you of Something that was streamed on SundanceNow. You might remember people stuck in glaziers for decades and finding their way out to the open world.

Our take

Since people have their own interesting ways of staying on the island despite the dangers, we find it interesting when we get to know the reasons why some of them want to stay and some want to leave. In the end, there is a revelation that manages to keep the show interesting.

Our expectations from the show were not as high and that is why we found it worth the watch. We will give it 3.5 out of 5 stars. So if you ask us to stream or skip it, we recommend you to stream it.

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