Karen 2021: Thrilling Racist Movie and the Struggle Faced By the Blacks

Karen 2021: Thrilling Racist Movie and the Struggle Faced By the Blacks

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There are many different kinds of thriller movies that have been made. Besides, that many movies have been based on the Life of black people and the struggle they face in a foreign society. There have been many movies, but some movies have a unique concept and story. One such thriller movie that you can watch is Karen 2021. It is about a black family who newly settled in one of the towns in a foreign country. And there they face challenges with regards to their neighbor who is a white female. Plus, there is a lot of stuff in the movie, like drama and all. 

Critical Views – 

You can look at the trailer online. But to know the full story you will have to watch the movie. This movie is mainly about the racist white female who would go to any extent to make sure that the black family who just moved to the neighborhood gets displaced. So, she goes to any extent. This is what the movie is about. As per the critical reviews, there are some negative points in the movie and some of them even find the character of the white female i.e. Karen very boring. Despite including some good scenes of Karen and her racist behavior still, the viewers are not pleased. 

Maybe the viewers were expecting Karen to be more wild and angry in the movie and do some hurtful scenes or show more the bad side of Karen. But the black couples are strong and they don’t give up without a fight. So, just check out the movie. 

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