Jurassic Triangle

“Jurassic Triangle” ventures into the realm of action sci-fi, where a group of survivors find themselves stranded on an island after a crash landing. However, their predicament takes a perilous turn as they encounter mysterious monsters lurking within the island’s depths. What ensues is a relentless battle for survival, with their only hope lying in escaping the island’s clutches.

Regrettably, “Jurassic Triangle” falls victim to the common pitfalls of low-budget monster movies inundated with CGI creatures. Despite some creatures sporting a unique appearance, the CGI fails to impress, lacking the realism needed to instill genuine fear. This deficiency detracts from the film’s overall tension and diminishes the perceived threat posed by the creatures. While the premise of escaping the island holds promise and offers a few twists and turns, the execution of the CGI creatures ultimately hampers the film’s potential.

In conclusion, “Jurassic Triangle” emerges as a prototypical low-budget CGI creature feature, unable to rise above its technical shortcomings to deliver a truly gripping cinematic experience.


By acinetv