Intrusion: One of the Best Thriller Movies of 2021 Available on Netflix

Intrusion: One of the Best Thriller Movies of 2021 Available on Netflix

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One of the best thriller and action movies that you can see is, ‘Intrusion’. You can even watch this movie on Netflix. The story is like this, a husband and a wife move to a small town. There their home gets invaded by some strangers. And this incident leaves the wife in trauma. But the reaction of her husband is pretty cool; he acts as if nothing has happened. This gives doubt to the wife and she feels that those who are around her do not seem to be what they are. There is no critical view of intrusion as yet. 

Will Meera Be Able to Find Out the Truth? 

This movie, ‘intrusion’ is very interesting. There is also another movie with the same name, ‘intrusion’ that was premiered on 5th June 2021. But that has a different story altogether. ‘Intrusion’ that will be premiered on 22nd Sep 2021, has a thrilling and spine-chilling story. Apart from that in the movie intrusion, it is important for Meera to know what’s happening and why the people are so different from inside and outside. It is definitely not a case of split personality. There is something else that is hidden beneath the mask of henry (Meera’s husband) and the other people. 

Characters of the Movie – 

The role of each and every actor has been well played. The role of the wife i.e. Meera is played by Frieda Pinto. And Logan Marshall green plays the role of henry. Apart from that Robert John Burke, who plays the detective Stephen Morse, also plays the main role,

Intrusion 2021 Movie Trailer

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