I Just Killed My Dad 2022 Tv Series Review and Trailer

I Just Killed My Dad 2022 Tv Series Review and Trailer

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Netflix is no stranger to true crime series. Every month they release a flurry of documentaries for the viewers to feast on. You could argue that true crime is Netflix’s bread and butter, going from strength to strength since Making a Murderer.

This one might catch your eye — I Just Killed My Dad. Here’s everything we know so far.

I Just Killed My Dad premise
Courtesy of Netflix — I Just Killed My Dad is an unprecedented documentary series, which tells the unbelievable, never-been-told-before true story of the Templet family. Anthony Templet shot his father and never denied it. But why he did it is a complex question with profound implications that go far beyond one family. This three-episode documentary series explores the psyche of Anthony leading up to the events of June 3, 2019 and the journey of his mental and emotional aftermath.

This is a highly intriguing premise. One that will toil the mind with many questions as the director tries to peel away at the truth. From the sounds of it, this true crime series will make a psychological judgment based on evidence as to why Anthony Templet did what he did. Expect it to be emotional, and expect it to be heavy. We are really looking forward to this one.

I Just Killed My Dad release date
The documentary series will be released on Netflix on August 9, 2022. The series is a total of three episodes.

The people behind the documentary series
The series is directed by Skye Borgman. You may recognize that name. It’s the same director that led on Girl In The Picture, which at the time of releasing this article was currently trending at the #2 spot on Netflix’s global Top 10 English chart.

The series is Executive Produced by Nicole Sorrenti and Produced by Half Yard Productions.

Is there a trailer?
Unfortunately, at the time of releasing this article, there is no official trailer, but we’ll update as soon as we receive one.

What are your thoughts on the Netflix documentary series I Just Killed My Dad? Will you be adding this to your watch list?

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