I Am Vanessa Guillen 2022 movie

Netflix dropped the official trailer of the latest film, ‘I Am Vanessa Guillen‘. This is a documentary that examines the death of a U.S. Army soldier. The entire nationwide calls for justice appear to follow her terrible murder.

The documentary film is going to introduce the tale of Vanessa Guillen a reputed Army officer who becomes disappeared from the military base at Fort Hood, Texas in 2020. On a day in 2020, she reported to her superiors that she got sexually harassed. Over two months after her disappearance, she was found along a riverbank.

There is nothing sweet to be done reportedly about Guillen’s harassment reporter. The man law enforcement handles it as a murder case of Guillen that took his own life soon after. The most disappointing fact is the perpetrator’s girlfriend getting indicted for allegedly assisting with this crime.

Now come to the trailer that showcases some of the behind-the-scenes efforts in search to get Guillen like a fit of anger and outcry from her family following the discovery of her remains. As one of the officials just interviewed, “This was not one of those cases the military could sweep under the rug.”. we have some short snippets of the Guillen sisters that pairs like the deceased sister had started to exhibiting signs as something got wrong in the months following her initial deployment at Fort Food.

In the trailer one sister said, “ Not being able to sleep, losing weight, she would tell me that things weren’t that they seemed,” she also added,” I called the staff sergeant, and he’s like, ‘We don’t know anything about her.” while other interviews tell, “The worst of the worst.” The entire race concludes with a clip of the sisters speaking in front of the White House, in which they say,” this is not a Republican, Democratic issue, this is not a race issue, this is a human issue!”

The officials worked with the Guillen sisters containing Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, and Rep. Jackie Spears. The documentary film has been directed by Christy Wegener, and the executive producers are Dan Coligan and Liz Garbus along with Jon Bardin and Nell Constantine. Additionally, the producers take Isabel Castro, Lindsey Cordero, Armando Croda, and Wegener.


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