How It Ends – It finally Arrived!

How It Ends – It finally Arrived!


There is no better time that the audience could relate to an end of the world genre. Shot entirely during the pandemic, “how it ends” is one of the most thoughtful pieces of videography. 

Imagine if you were given the news of the world to be destroyed in the next hour. What would your approach to the last few minutes of your life be? Especially if you know that those are the last few minutes of your life. Would you go out rampaging thinking you won’t be standing in front of the judge? Or would you be more spiritual doing good to humanity?

If you are getting chills answering that question, the movie has a lot for you.

The Gist 

A totally ordinary day in Los Angeles, people and traffic moving at their normal pace. However, News passes by about a meteor bringing an apocalypse to the world. Unlike other Apocalyptic movies, which bring the dark side of humanity, this one focuses on normal human behavior while he knows that death is arriving in a few minutes. How humans need closure for many things before leaving the world. 

And there is always a dark side. It is inevitable that many of them cannot get really even in the last few minutes of life. This movie has many cameos and we were surprised to see a few stars popping up from here and there. The lead in this movie hopes to tie her life’s loose ends on the last day of humanity. In fact, everyone seems to do the same. 

Our Take

Our only complaint is that this movie is not more than 18 minutes long. That duration was too less to get us interested and peacefully going out of the hall. Still, we recommend it to everyone as it is an eye-opening behavioral aspect of humans. We could have called it a unique piece but the storyline is quite similar to the others minus the concept.

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