Hellraiser (2022) has blood, gore, and creepy ass Cenobites. It drags at the start, but it is all well worth it in the end. Hellraiser (2022) is a bloody good time. This movie not only showcases some gnarly “villains” and disgusting deaths, but it goes all out when it comes to revealing the truth about human nature. The perfect kick off to spooky season, there is a lot to love about Hellraiser, even if it isn’t perfect.

Jamie Clayton is absolutely ghastly as Pinhead. She brings something to this character that is bone-chilling. Subtle, yet alarming, she is dreadful — in the best way possible. This is a fan favorite character, so we can only imagine the pressure she must have felt to be bringing Pinhead to the screen, especially a completely different version. While bravo Jamie, you crushed it. Your performance is downright frightening.

The sound design for this movie needs to be praised because it elevates the entire movie. From the crunching of pills to the literal peeling of flesh, the Hellraiser team did not hold anything back. Add in one of the creepiest scores we have heard in a long time, and this film will have viewers on the edge of their seats.

The biggest issue with Hellraiser (2022) is the fact that the story itself is very predictable. What is supposed to be a bit of a twist, can be seen coming from a mile away, making the reveal fall quite flat. It isn’t shocking or surprising but hey, at least there is a lot of blood and gore to go around by then.

The Cenobites are all extremely creepy. At first, they kind of look cheesy. But that quickly turns into terrifying with the way they move and carry themselves. The costuming here is insane and we can only imagine how uncomfortable the prosthetics were. Even just being in the presence of actors done up in this way must have been unsettling. They really go all out.

There are open wounds, wires, and all sorts of disgusting details. The Chatterer is by far the most haunting of them all. Just when you think there will only be a few, they just keep coming and coming. This is why the second half of Hellraiser (2022) is so freaking good. Not to mention the majority of the effects used are practical effects, which works with a film like this. Even if they don’t nail the look each and every time, it was important to handle them in this way.

Many people have asked us if you have to know anything about the other Hellraiser films in order to enjoy this one, and the answer is no. There is absolutely no need to have seen them — however, do yourself a favor and see them (at least the first few). Since this is a bit of a reboot, although it is based off of a novella as well, it does a great job of explaining the lore, the Cenobites, and the Lament Configuration (the puzzle box).

While this might feel a bit redundant to fans and drag the start of the film down, it is more than worth it to power through because once that halfway mark hits, this movie brings its A game and never slows down.

Hellraiser might not be perfect, but for those who love the franchise, or just horror in general, this one is definitely worth checking out. The Cenobites are constantly one-upping each other when it comes to their looks. The deaths get more and more crazy (and bloody). The effects are spot on and the score and sound elevate the film to a whole new level.

In true Hellraiser fashion this is less about the Cenobites, and more about human nature. Are the characters good people? Not all of them can claim that title. So how does it all play out? Well, you will just have to tune into Hulu on October 7th to see.


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