Haunting of the Queen Mary 2023 movie review

Taking place on Halloween in 1938, the latest cinematic offering from Gary Shore, the director of “Dracula Untold,” is titled “Haunting of the Queen Mary” (previously known as “The Queen Mary”). Vertical Entertainment has just announced that this horror film will officially premiere on August 18, 2023. Audiences can catch the movie in select theaters and also through On Demand services on the very same day.

Check out the official trailer for “Haunting of the Queen Mary” below, a supernatural horror tale that draws inspiration from elements of “The Shining,” all set against the backdrop of the open seas.

The story is rooted in the real-life history of the ocean liner, renowned as one of the most haunted locations globally. The filming itself took place aboard the actual Queen Mary, docked in Long Beach, California.

Once a lavish ocean-liner frequented by generations of the affluent and renowned, the HMS Queen Mary has now earned a reputation as both celebrated and dreaded, christened as “One of the World’s Most Haunted Places” by Time Magazine. During the early 20th century, shipping companies engaged in fierce competition to secure the title of fastest transatlantic crossing. Among these iconic records, the RMS Queen Mary stood firm, holding the distinction for fourteen years. Presently, it rests encased in concrete at Long Beach, California, having been transformed into a luxury hotel and a tourist attraction. Over the years, the ship has amassed a catalogue of accounts recounting sightings of ghosts and apparitions within its cabins and on its decks, creating an ideal atmosphere for supernatural occurrences to unfold on the big screen.

The forthcoming horror feature delves into psychological horror territory, exploring the enigmatic and eerie happenings linked to the voyage of one family on Halloween night in 1938, and the intricately woven fates that connect with another family presently onboard the infamous ocean liner.

As the narrative unfolds, these two families will become inextricably intertwined in a chilling ghostly narrative.

Starring in “Haunting of the Queen Mary” are Alice Eve (“Star Trek Into Darkness”), Joel Fry (“Game of Thrones”), Nell Hudson (“Texas Chainsaw Massacre”), William Shockley (“Death in Texas”), and Lenny Rush, a BAFTA award-winner for “Am I Being Unreasonable?”

The screenplay for the film was penned by Gary Shore and Stephen Oliver, with the story conceived by Stephen Oliver and Tom Vaughan.

Produced by an accomplished team including Brett Matthew Tomberlin (known for “Winchester”) from Imagination Design Works, Thorsten Schumacher of Rocket Science, Lars Sylvest, Nigel Sinclair, and Nicholas Ferrall of White Horse Pictures (recognized for “The Woman in Black”), along with Mali Elfman.


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