Gossip Girl Reboot – The Bad failure?

Gossip Girl Reboot – The Bad failure?

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We don’t want the gossip girl to be alive again. And there’s a reason why we say so. The drama was going well from 2007 to 2012. However, When the show first aired on television, it was juicy and it had a bit of a rich and famous edge that created a youth network reputation for CW.

No one was able to replicate the storyline and concept that the series brought with it. However, this time this release didn’t bring in as many views as before. It’s not always well-written even if the Intention of HBO Max was good. The show of such stature needs to be entertaining enough to justify the tag of being rich and beautiful along with a good storyline.

The Loophole

One major loophole was that even though it was watchable, it didn’t have the best acting skills showcased by the cast. The writing was atrocious and the plot twists were not decent enough.

The intention of the writer was to make a reboot of the generation Z millennial classic. It didn’t come out as good as it should have. Even a few cast members that really portrayed a good skill in Dialogue delivery were overshadowed by the others.

The storyline rotates around the Queen bee of New York who was unsurprisingly very popular in school. She is an Instagram influencer and a daughter of a famous musician. Her wealthy friends are mean and this fact also we could figure out already. Everything is extreme in these people’s lives. Even a small problem isn’t a problem for them. Only major problems like an estranged sister, mother leaving the house, etc.

The friend’s reunion sparks an unending drama in the series. The plot has some bits of One Tree Hill and we think the writer has made a bit of a mistake in understanding the subject in question.

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