Found 2023 tv series review

However, supposing you had to play it safe, Gabi’s predictions at the close of Found Season 1 Episode 12 might not unfold as she anticipates.

The second-to-last installment, a whirlwind of revelations, promises an unforgettable season finale.

As a dedicated series fan and habitual live-tweeter from the official TV Fanatic X account, this marks my inaugural attempt at waxing poetic in the esteemed Denis Kimanthi’s place, so please bear with me.

“Missing While Eccentric” demands a thorough exploration, being nothing short of action-packed.

Throughout this ambitious episode, the intensity never waned. However, it’s worth noting some pacing issues; ideally, this material could have been better served split into two episodes.

Aisha’s case, an anomaly, presented a perfect opportunity for an unresolved element beyond the end credits.

Maintaining the same level of intensity, ending with Gabi Mosley’s abduction rolling into the credits, could have allowed for exploration of Dhan’s emotions about their unresolved issues and given more insight into how her absence affected the others.

Despite the buildup of stakes and the case taking dark turns, the episode hurled us into something else before we could fully process it — the constant pressure to conclude everything within the hour.

We were thrust into a world where being nerdy, weird, Black, and a woman equated to a literal death sentence, emphasizing that the world is seldom a safe space for Black women.

To its credit, Found didn’t overly emphasize the point, but the subtlety sometimes made the message feel forced.

While there were nuances, such as the nod to microaggressions faced by Black women in the medical realm, the severity of Aisha’s situation seemed unjustifiably overlooked.

Amidst the hour’s chaos, the theme of Black women falling victim to societal blind spots got lost, and by the time Gabi delivered her admonishing speech, it felt like obligatory social commentary.

Aisha couldn’t have ended up in a better place than Zeke Wallace’s house. If M&A hadn’t taken the case, they wouldn’t have saved Estrella or captured a sexual sadist serial killer and his complicit wife.

The discovery of Shanice’s brutally stabbed body in a field of flowers evoked deep emotions, aligning with the darker tones explored in other parts of the episode.

As usual, the case intersected with the characters’ lives, resonating with Gabi, who saw parallels between Aisha’s trauma and her own experiences.

However, the series sometimes seems overly concerned with balancing Gabi’s complexity and the not-so-pleasant manifestations of trauma while ensuring she remains likable.

It’s okay for the audience and characters to grapple with unfavorable feelings toward Gabi without the constant reminder of her sympathetic character status.

Dhan Rana, seemingly lacking sufficient time to process his feelings, had to set aside his hurt and emotions to prioritize Gabi sooner than expected.

The episode shifted from exploring Dhan’s character to providing a glimpse of his dynamic with Gabi before pushing him into forgiveness in a dramatic fashion.


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