Di4ri 2022 Tv Series Review and Trailer

Di4ri 2022 Tv Series Review and Trailer

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We talk to a diary, we confess to a diary. This is what the protagonists of the first do series Italian for children of Netflix which we will talk about in this one Di4ri review. A series in 15 episodes, produced by Stand By Me, debuting in the catalog of the platform from 18 May, waiting to make the big global leap and be available in all countries where the service has been active since the end of July, and capable of delicately address the main issues dear to today’s young people, current in contemporary society, from coming out to the relationship with parents and the difficulties of growing up, between loneliness and acceptance.

At the center of the story there is a class, the 2D of a middle school on an Italian island, and eight boys are the protagonists: Pietro (Andrea Arru), Livia (Flavia Leoni), Isabel (Sofia Nicolini), Daniele (Biagio Venditti), Giulio (Liam Nicolosi), Monica (Federica Franzellitti), Arianna (Francesca La Cava and Mirko (Pietro Sparvoli). Eight guys different from each other, with their own tastes, inclinations, strengths and weaknesses. Your own stories through which to tell the needs and problems of a generation, ranging from the themes that are dear to you, from the difficulties of a coming out to the vicissitudes related to crises and family discussions, from dyslexia to all those problems related to one of the aspects more delicate and complex than life: to grow.

The eight protagonists of Di4ri welcome us into their lives, placing us in the presence of their emotions and the junctions of their lives, which at that age can be experienced with great intensity, whether they are the first kisses and loves, joys and dramas more or less. big, quarrels, confidences and complicity. They do it by communicating directly with us, confessing, as in a diary, speaking directly in the room, canceling that barrier that would prevent us from understanding them: in every episode of the series, in fact, one of them is the narrator and the common thread, so his point of view becomes central (while the first episode, longer than the following ones, introduces us to all of them). A choice and a narrative expedient that seemed successful and effective in fulfilling the intent of the series, in allowing us to enter their lives and between the banks of 2D.

Di4ri welcomes us into its microcosm, which is twofold: the class, but also the island from which the story begins. It was shot in Ischia, but the island of the series is a generic place, which can be any Italian island, in an attempt not to be tied to a specific context but to go further in telling this cross-section of a generation. Also in this case, it seemed to us a successful solution, which allows us to get in tune with the young protagonists and their as many young performers, which, however, has a less effective consequence: in keeping away from a specific location, a language is sometimes adopted. too neutral which risks appearing unnatural.

Not a serious flaw, because the boys, well guided by Alessandro Celli as director, prove to be good enough to hold up the story: net of a more or less marked predisposition for acting, in fact, the Di4ri cast manages to nullify the distances by those who look and make use of some of the most famous faces who accompany them, such as Fortunato Cerlino in the role of the school janitor, to create a successful and lively ensemble that knows how to convey the strength of the friendship that binds them and that represents a strength in the age they are living.

In summarizing the Di4ri review, we can only consider the operation and the first Italian series for children by Netflix to be successful, which knows how to tell an interesting cross-section of a generation thanks to young effective performers who know how to cancel the distance with the viewer. Too bad for some less natural dialogues, thanks to the choice, effective in other ways, of not defining a specific place for the setting, but nothing that spoils the vision.

Because we like it

The narrative system, which puts one of the protagonists at the center of the story from time to time, marrying his point of view. The young cast, which works both in individuals and in the composition of the group. The setting of the island, enhanced by the choices of direction and capable of defining the microcosm in which the protagonists move.

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