Der Pfau 2023 movie trailer

“The Peacock” unfolds as a mystery-laden tale set against the backdrop of a weekend workshop retreat organized by Linda (Lavinia Wilson) for upper management staff of a German company facing a takeover by a Scottish firm. Initially booked at a seemingly cozy country estate in Scotland, the retreat takes an unexpected turn when the designated organizers fail to show up, and a stranger named Rebecca (Svenja Jung) assumes control of the workshop.

Linda’s challenges multiply as she contends with the uncertainties surrounding the workshop’s facilitation and an incident involving her dog, Anshu, allegedly killing a local peacock. The narrative weaves through the complexities of the corporate takeover, the fate of the peacock, and the enigmatic motivations of Rebecca. As Linda grapples with these mysteries, the film balances tension with playfulness, offering a blend of drama, comedy, and a touch of thriller.

The film introduces a cast of characters in a competitive and rule-defying game, unfolding in a remote setting with no wireless-telephony reception. Despite the inherent tension, the narrative maintains a lighthearted tone, with comedic elements comprising a significant portion. As the characters navigate their individual paths, the film raises questions about accountability and the repercussions of one’s actions.

While chickens do come home to roost, and ethical choices have consequences, the film cleverly leaves some revelations undisclosed. The narrative explores the intricate dynamics among the characters, revealing unexpected turns that lead to pivotal moments. The film strikes a balance between drama and comedy, keeping viewers engaged in the characters’ journeys.

Based on the best-selling novel by German author Isabel Bogdan, “The Peacock” is directed by Lutz Heineking Jr. and features a cast of German stars, including Lavinia Wilson, Tom Schilling, David Kross, and Jürgen Vogel. The film, produced by Heineking’s company Eitelsonnenschein, is set for release in Germany on March 9.

Picture Tree Intl. holds global sales rights for the film, which forms part of its Berlinale/EFM slate. The film’s comedic yet mysterious narrative, coupled with the chemistry of the cast, offers an entertaining exploration of corporate retreats, interpersonal dynamics, and unforeseen twists.


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