Deepa & Anoop 2022

The second season of Netflix‘s original animated children’s series Deepa & Anoop is slated to arrive on the streaming service on November 7, 2022. And alongside the reveal of a premiere date is a new trailer for the upcoming season, which you can watch exclusively at TV Insider.

In the footage above, we can see Deepa singing a song for her colorful color-changing pet elephant Anoop for their birthday. “Annop, I’m happy to know you and celebrate your birthday,” Deepa exclaims as the song and video close.

The musically-driven Mattel show follows the adventures of a seven-year-old named Deepa and her best friend Anoop, a half-ton color-changing baby elephant. The dynamic duo, self-appointed “concierges of fun,” make everything bigger, grander, and more wonderful for guests at Mango Manor, the bed and breakfast run by Deepa’s multigenerational family. Deepa creates music, merriment, and mischief while working with the rambunctious Anoop to solve the simplest of problems with the most imaginative of solutions.

Deepa is voiced by Pavan Bharaj, Veena Sood (The Twilight Zone) voices Naani-ji, and Ana Sani (The Magic School Bus) is Mama.

Deepa & Anoop was created by acclaimed Bollywood animator Munjal Shroff, writer Lisa Goldman (Dragon Tales), and producer Heather Kenyon (Doki Adventures). The series also serves as Mattel Television’s first original series based on an original IP with fresh characters.

Mattel also has over 30 original brands—including Barbie, Masters of the Universe, Thomas & Friends, and more—that have been adapted for various animated series, movies, specials, and digital short-form.


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