Dead Shot 2023 movie review

In the backdrop of the Troubles, an Irish paramilitary veteran enters a realm of vengeance and retribution when he witnesses his pregnant wife’s tragic demise at the hands of an SAS officer. The narrative thrust of Dead Shot, directed by siblings Charles and Thomas Guard, revolves around personal vendettas within the larger Irish/British conflict. The opening scene, a heart-wrenching moment, establishes the foundation for the intense personal struggle that ensues. The film adeptly avoids sensationalism, presenting a more balanced perspective.

SAS officer Tempest (Aml Ameen) is thrust into a quandary when he inadvertently takes the life of the protagonist’s wife, driven by the belief that he was in danger. Now grappling with guilt and facing consequences within his ranks, he receives an opportunity to evade imprisonment. His new mission involves targeting prominent Irish figures in London, suspected of orchestrating acts of terrorism in retaliation for the turmoil in their homeland.

On the opposing side, IRA member Michael (Colin Morgan) becomes embroiled in a dangerous operation, led by Keenan (Tom Vaughan-Lawlor), to carry out acts of domestic terror. His involvement intersects with the mission to locate and exact revenge on Tempest. The collision course between these two characters unfolds against a backdrop of suspenseful buildup, refusing to take clear sides.

The film masterfully captures the era’s authenticity, whether depicting Northern Ireland or London, employing a subdued color palette that aligns with the somber tone. The performances exhibit urgency and intensity, despite the characters’ constrained depth. Notably, Dead Shot draws inspiration from an original script by Ronan Bennett and Steven P. Moysey’s book, “The Road to Balcombe Street.”

While not a comprehensive exploration of the Troubles, Dead Shot remains a gritty, grounded thriller that sidesteps exploitative tendencies, focusing on the grim realities faced by covert operatives on both sides. The movie delves into the cyclic nature of violence, highlighting the human cost of tragic events. It skillfully balances moments of tension and action, building towards a climactic confrontation that resonates effectively and reinforces the film’s central themes.


By acinetv